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Naruto Manga Chapter 437 Prediction by the GANDS.

1. Naruto will be able to draw out his sage chakra by his last kage bunshin.

2. Nagato hide place will be figured out by Inoichi, Shikamaru and other Shinobi that make some search in around high place in konoha.

3. Nagato is weak. We know that his mouth was bleeding. Its mean that Nagato or Pain is weak Against Naruto. You can see that Naruto still have a last kage bunshin and still have Kyuubi Chakra. Do my prediction too pleonastic?

4. The great prediction of me, is Naruto will be able to defeat the real Nagato after they found the Real body.

5. Konan also will be defeated to by other Shinobi that search Pain true location. I think that Konan will be defeated by Shikamaru. I like his awsomeness!!! I like his true genius!!!!

6. Do Pa frod really injured?

Status: Prediction

1. Nagato, the real Pein (or should I say the skinny-looking-no-leg-rinnegan-master) is at the highest place of Konoha. I think, the Sage Mode Kagebunshin of Naruto will be the one taking care of both Konan and the seemingly undefeateble Real PEIN! Nagato is weak, he wont last long. But Konan wont make it easy for Naruto.

2. I thought before that Pain and Nagato are two in one entities - that can eventually be separated. But from the looks of it, they are actually one! He is all battered up! Killing Pain would mean killing Nagato as well. What do you think??

by: Naruto Addict

Status: Prediction

1)With this Naruto’s newfound confusion of “what to do”, Danzou will have easy time taking over. I don’t think Naruto has the will to go against him right now, and I doubt rest of the village has the stregth even if they wanted to.

2)Naruto’s upcoming fight with Sasuke (it’s almost guaranteed..) will be the ultimate test for Naruto’s “I’m going to break the cycle of hatred”! Include that with all the new skills both have aquired since part 1 encounter and it’ll be very interesting.

Reaction of HPTR: that I will agree with you 100%. It will be ultimate test for Naruto. Pain / Nagato’s questions already made Naruto silent, almost defeated when he asked how would Naruto do to face the hate to establish peace? And that Konoha was responsible for Amegakure’s plight. Naruto had no answer for Pain’s question. Now if he were to learn Konoha was reponsible for what happened to the Uchiha Clan, that will really be a test for Naruto of what he’ll do.

As a final note, I’m extremely eager to see the faces of everyone who hears or sees the destruction of Konoha. Some sweet faces and reactions I hope!

by: The Closet Pervert

Status: Theory

I’m beggining to think that Madara sold poor Nagato a dream. We all know that Madara doesn’t want peace at all, this is probably the reason Konan seems to have a distaste for him, she seems the more reasonable of the two.

by warbandit66

Status: Theory

Well all I can say is wow, Nagato looks like he’s about to die.

As far as him being defenseless, it looks that way, but there are two things that are telling me we shouldn’t write him off as being useless once the Pain bodies are dead.

1. The Rinnegan. We have no idea what else those eyes can do, and if they are indeed stronger than the Sharigan, I’m willing to bet they can do more than just let you use all 5 elements. Nagato might have some crazy techniques up his sleeve once these bodies die.

2. Robotics. Nagato has shown that he is capable of using technology that we didn’t even think existed in the Narutoverse. Asura Pain was a android, and Nagato is hooked up too some kind of robot. I’m willing to bet that that thing he is hooked up to has offensive and defensive skills, and he perhaps may have some kind of external suit, that he can use to fight in.

Sure I could be dead wrong with this, however I don’t think Nagato is quite as useless as many of us think, even though he’s virtually on his death bed.


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