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At this rate the possible scenaries of the plot between naruto and pain in chapter 435 could be:

1. Naruto Cheat Painwith kage bushin pain so thatnaruto can destroy the other pain.
2. Naruto should use sage bushin for the last to be able to fight pain.
3. Naruto use four tail kyubi to defeat pain.
4. Naruto friends came to help even if have to fight tooth and nail.
5. Hinata came to help fight the pain with her byakugan eyes.
6. Raikage and ninja from komugakure village come to help.
7. Sasuke come and see konoha village destroyed, then hi fight with pain.
8. Pain use powerfull jutsu to defeat naruto.

Release Date info

* Naruto anime 96 (02/12/09)
* Naruto anime 97 (02/19/09)
* Naruto manga chapter 435 (02/13/09)
* Naruto manga chapter 436 (02/20/09)

update 10 February 2009

Status: UNCONFIRMED Spoiler

Pain: - The Kyuubi is captured, mission complete.
Madara: - Ok, head out.
Pain: - Ok.
“Pain looks around and see Ma and Pa Chanting”
Pain: - That won’t work on God again.
“Closeup on Pa:s face, he’s sweating”

Inside Narutos mind at the Fox gate:
“Naruto wakes” - What? But I’m not done yet..
Fox: - your Weak Naruto. Release me! I will tear him apart!

Outside again: Hinata: - Naruto! I must go to him!
“Hinata Jumps away before Ko can stop her.”
Ko: - Hinata!

“Hinata lands some ways away from pain and Naruto. Naruto is in Hungry ghosts grip.”
Hinata: - Naruto!
“Closeup on Hinatas face then on narutos unconscious face then Hinata again, getting angry/upset”
Hinata: What have you done to Naruto! I won’t forgive you!
“Hinata Charges Hungry ghost Pain”
Pain: - Foolish girl…

Inside Naruto:
Naruto: - I won’t release the seal, I can still fight! I’m strong! I’ll never depend on you, you Demon!
Fox: - Why do you fight? You will not last without me..Such Powers, wasted… Curse your father’s seal Curse Minato…”The fox Growls”
“Close up on Narutos face” He looks shocked”
Naruto : - The fourth!?….My father!?…
“The Fox demon focuses his eyes on Naruto”
Fox: - Ohh..You didn’t know?….. “The fox begins a big grin..”
Fox: - It seems you are a fool after all, your weak without me.
“The fox start to laugh his slow evil laugh, the laugh gets louder in the mind of Naruto and echoes enveloping all. Naruto covers his ears and head with his hands and covers” “Closeup on Narutos eyes from the side, his eyes is confused and starting to change to kyuubi”
Naruto: - Stooop it! Leave me alone!!

Outside Naruto:
” Zoomout on Ma and Pa starting the Jutsu, Human ghost flashes behind them stopping them by smashing Ma away and Pa jumps to the side”
Pa: - Ma! ” He looks towards Naruto that is now on the ground where HG left him and then towards Hinata that is getting close and whispers”
Whispering pa: - Naruto, forgive us.

“Hinata closes in on HG and begins a Jutsu. GH doge and jumps behind her.
He launches at her With a kunai drawn”
Pa: Hinata!
” Closeup on hinatas eyes as she looks behind. She closes them and Focuses.
Hinata starts spinning calling her Justu defense name:” -Shugohakke Rokujūyon Shō “Hinata deflects HG and he is diverted to the side of Hinata.”
“closeup on God realms face”
God realm: - Shinra tensei!
“The ground at Hinatas feet erupts in an explosion sending Pa flying and Hinata flies backwards from the shock. Towards God realm.
Hinata crashed onto the ground grinning badly. She opens her eyes and looks to see Hungry Ghost coming from above with the Kunai. She looks Sad/ surprised”
Hinata in a desperate voice: - Naruto……

Inside Naruto:

“Naruto is on the floor in front of the gate screaming clamping his head as the Kyuubi laughs.”
Fox : Ha ha ha ha Release me fool!
“Suddenly a voice cuts the laughter and all become silent.”
- Naruto!
“Naruto opens his eyes in surprise, his head turns to the side fast and focuses on the darkness around”
Naruto: - Hinata?!

Outside Naruto again:
” Naruto opens his eyes quickly awake.
He see Hungry Ghost over Hinata with the kunai in her chest. Her head is turned towards him, some blood sips out of her mouth”
Hinata: - N a r u t o o oooo….

“Seeing this Naruto rushes to his feet and runs towards Hinata, Again closeup on God realms face”
God Realm: - Oh so your awake? this is what happens when you go against God.
“Naruto closes on HG”
God realm: - Shinra tensei!
“Naruto is pushed back and falls to the ground screaming”
Naruto : - Hinata!
Hinata: -Naruto….
“Hinatas eyes closes”
“naruto gets up on his knees and huffs in exhaust. He looks down on his hands in dismay. He hears the Kyuubi laugh in his ears”
“Naruto breaths heavy and looks again on Hinata and then on God realm”
God realm: - do you now understand how you hurt others? Come with me and this girl might live.

“Naruto still hears the Kyuubi laughter, His eyes confused and face filled with rage he begins to falter. His eyes turning reddish”
Naruto: - Kyuubi……”Naruto hisses the word” - So much pain..for this….
Naruto : - You want the Kyuubi?? “Naruto looks at Hinata again and his teath starts to form fangs, he is getting angrier at the second”
“Naruto looks at Pa and Ma lying some ways away. his hair starts to shift as red chakra pours out. Naruto turns his monstrous gaze on Pain”
Naruto: - Move out of the way of Hinata “Naruto hisses” - or you will regret it..
God realm: - Oh, the kyuubi is it? So you won’t come quietly?
“HG pushes te Kunai further into Hinatas chest, she couches blood”
“Naruto gets angrier but starts to fight it” ” he thinks of the summoning scroll”

Kyuubi: - it’s to late Naruto, there is no time, your weak. Let me tear him apart and I will save the woman.
Naruto: No……Must find the scroll….
“Naruto falls to his knees exhausted and his eyes Close and he starts to fall towards the ground. Zoom in on his hand blocking his fall, it has claws” “His eyes open and their fully kyuubi”.
Naruto wispers: Lend me your powers once again Kyuubi…to save those close to me. I will be rid of you one day, open the seal…I swear it. But now I’m out of time. To survive and to save everyone, lend me powers enough to gain my Sannin mode once more….
Fox: - Ohh…Do you really need me?
Naruto: - Yes, I acknowledge that.
Fox: - I will hold you to your word with the seal..
Naruto: - Ok…now:
Naruto and Fox in one voice: Let’s tear him apart!

“Narutos body is enveloped in red chakra and he gazes on Pain”
Naruto: - You will release her!
“Naruto Moves in a red flash towards God realm.”
God realm: What do you think you can still do? I am god, Shinra tensei!
“As the wave is about to hit naruto he emits a roar of red chacra nullifying God realms Shinra tensei!” God realm is surprised! Naruto leaps towards God realm who dodge at last minute”

God realm: - So this is the power of the Kyuubi….

” Naruto Jumps at the scroll and does a fast reverse summon, releases the Kage bunshin and enters Sage mode combined with the red chakra”

“Closeup on hinatas face, on god realms shocked face and on Naruto who is shocked with the power surge he gained with Demon/Sage mode”

——— Next chapter: The truth about pain and the Kyuubi”————–

by: Dr. Who-ShiverX

Status: Prediction

1. Naruto’s rinnegan activates. He is the real rinnegan user in the prophecy.
2. Fat Pain sucks up too much sage chakra and natural energy and turns into a fat stone frog.
3. The Naruto captured is a clone and the real one sneaks up on Pain from underground or the real Naruto is not unconscious, just weakened and the mysterious “3rd clone” digs from underground to attack Pain.
4. Pa Frog and Ma Frog instantly get Pain in an illusion and summon Naruto’s other clone. Naruto finishes both off and Nagato shows up.
5. Hinata or Sakura saves Naruto from the full nelson and it turns into a 1 on 1 fight between Naruto and Pain.
6. Pain gets a message from Zetsu or Madara that Sasuke failed and to capture this jinchuriki later. Pain vows to come back and finish the villages destruction.
7. Naruto gets captured and a save Naruto arc occurs.
8. Naruto’s kyubbi comes out to save the day.
9. Itachi’s gift comes out to save the day.

by: youngfan

Status: Prediction

1. Pain does not seek out random people for his Pain bodies. Instead he looks for Shinobi with specific skills. From God/Deva body we know that he is able to use his own technique (attraction&repulsion) and also that of former Yahiko (rain). So if he would capture -let’s say- Yamato and turn him into a body, that Pain body would be able to do Mokuton.

2. The chackra reaches the body through some kind of ‘chakra highway’ made of radio waves. It can go from Nagato to the Pain bodies and perhaps also back. This way, when fat Pain absorbs a Jutsu, the chakra can be sent right to the other bodies or Nagato

3. This is what I believe is the ‘trick’: before the chakra can reach the other Pain bodies, it has to *first* go to Deva/God/Yahiko Pain.

So like this: Nagato->Deva/Yahiko->Other Pains
And perhaps reverse: Other Pains->Deva->Nagato

So the trick to defeating those bodies might be that you really only need to defeat the God body. Which would explain why Nagato is protecting it this much, aside from any emotional reasons.

by: darkelve

Status: Prediction

I see three things that could possibly happen:

1- Hungry ghost turns into a frog because absorbing Sage chakra “might” turn him into a frog (That’s kind of weak)
2- Naruto gets a boost from Kyuubi (highly probable) in the same fashion that Hachibi overcame Tsukuyomi but here’s just Naruto letting Kyuubi busrt/wake him up with a jolt of chakra.
3- Pa and Ma frog Genjutsu takes effect (less probable). I don’t think Kishi wants a repeat of Jiraya fight.

I think Kishi wants to mirror Naruto fights the same way Hachibi literally outsmart and killed Sasuke’s twice. Kishi is pairing Naruto and Killerbee as the two most powerful host. One who has control of his tailed beast and one who uses natural energy and Kishi hinted us that taming the Kyuubi might not be possible afterall but getting his chakra in check with Sage power is the way to go. Even Killerbee has a weakness as if he goes all out it completely drains his chakra therefore making him highly vunerable if he doesn’t kill his enemy and Naruto has only 5 minutes in Sage mode or two clones trick. All said, Kishi is drawing this fight to mirror killerbee’s fight and comparing how the two pair against Akatsuki.

by kheops


Status: Prediction

1. Having absorbed the sage chakra from Naruto, Pain turns into a frog because the concentrated sage chakra reversed into unbalanced natural energy after having just sucked out from the original container (that is Naruto).
2. The Naruto that Pain captured is not the real Naruto but only a more realistic illusion created by the remaining frogs. The real Naruto get’s into the scene and there goes Pain crumbling into pieces with Naruto Manga Chapter 435.
3. Naruto, together with the five frogs, uses the Frog Song and freeze pain in mid-air. Naruto Manga 435 ends along with the real Pain.
4. Hyuuga Hinata comes into the scene and gets hurt by Pain. Seeing this happen to a dear friend, the real Naruto chakra comes out and finishes off Pain.
5. Danzo comes to rescue Naruto and earn Naruto’s favor which is one tactic Danzo will use to gain the trust of the leaf village and later on overthrow the Godaime’s regime.

Please note again : THIS IS JUST A SPOILER

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