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INDLINE is a Rich Media Communication Application that allows you to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere using the easiest & latest way of communication.
INDLINE Instant Messaging allows you to conference with several people using multi video & voice streaming.

It’s the time for you to have your own Radio station or your virtual conference room. INDLINE Multimedia Chat Room allows you to broadcast your video with a crispy stereo voice. Build your Radio programs using the playlist or make your live presentation remotely. INDLINE Multimedia Chat Room is an embryo of a true IPTV.

INDLINE Multimedia Mail Application makes it possible for you to send video mail, voice mail even a multimedia mail with just a click of a button.
That’s not enough, INDLINE Application provides you with Productivity Tools, Live Streaming Radio & Video on Demand and many more.

Experience INDLINE and let this ultimate internet communication application change the way you work, learn and play.
INDLINE, One Application That Does It All.


We are a multimedia company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. PT. Indonesia Lintas Net, better known as INDLINE, was established in 2000 by two prominent Indonesian entrepreneurs, Youk Tanzil and Tjahjono Soerjodibroto, who have been instrumental to the evolution of Multimedia in Indonesia.
INDLINE is a software application designed work together seamlessly to give users in control of instant and interactive communication. INDLINE makes your internet communication more exciting and simplify your multitasking needs.
We say that INDLINE is ‘one application that does it all’ - our clear vision for the future of internet. It’s not just about technology. It’s about connecting to your business associates, family and friends, any way you want it. We are providing the tool that is accessible and useful to all. Whether it’s one-to-one and one-to-many instant messages, email, chat rooms, blogs, TV and Radio channels, file sharing, and many more exciting features; what’s important is staying connected the way you choose it. INDLINE brings it all together for you an application that can change the way you live, work and play with only a mouse click away.
Though we are still doing test drives to improve its functionality, the response to several INDLINE beta versions has far surpassed our expectations and we are extremely humbled by the huge interest. We are doing our best to make it better for any future releases that are still in the beta phase. We really appreciate all our users who are taking time to help us make this product better.
Thank you for your continued support, patience, and support.

Feature :
- mail
- chat
- productivity application
- live tv
- live radio

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