Naruto 431 Full Double Spoiler

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From: Silverblade of Narutocentral Forum

The chapter opens up to Naruto facing Pain.

Naruto: Let’s do this.

Pain: Very well then, Jinchuuriki.

Summoner Pain steps forth with an array of summons. (Those crazy dogs, a beetle, a bird, a dragon and a panda.)

All the frogs prepare for battle. Tsuande and Anbu are shocked.

Naruto: Gamaken, Gamabunta and Gamakichi NOW!!!

All three toads shoot oil on the summons except the bird.

Gamaken: I missed one. My aim is bad.

Gamabunta: Shut up Gamaken four is good enough.

Naruto: Sage arts! Katon: Wildfire technique!

A powerful eruption of flames and fireballs spew forth from Naruto’s mouth burning the summons to a crisp. Leaving a thick smoke behind.

Pa Toad asunder the bird with a wind technique. The bird explodes into white smoke.

Naruto spots the summoner within the smoke, then he takes off at lighting speed and vanishes in the smoke. The Summoner body is seen flying out the smoke spiraling into the ground with a thud that leaves a billow of dust behind.

That leaves God Realm, Hungry ghost, Hell Realm and Human realm left.

God Pain: You’re tougher than i thought.

Naruto: *thinking This guy is like my kage bunshin jutsu. All replicas, but not real. I know!*

Naruto smirks with a kage bunshin handseal.

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Naruto 431 Manga Summary

The chapter begins with a far view of pain and naruto looking at each others.

Pain says: The time has come to finally get the last piece of the puzzle.

Pain do some weird hand seals and the earth begin to shake. The ground start to collapse under
Naruto’s feets and suddenly a big amount of air pressure push naruto into the air.

Two summoned giant dogs jump to caught naruto while hes falling but 2 clones of naruto intercept them with 2 huge oodama rasengan and make them K.O

Naruto says: I won’t let you have it your way. You’ll pay for what you’ve done.

The frogs start to grab their weapons and are ready to attack while naruto shout of them and tell them to wait.

A flash back during naruto’s training take place..its while hes training in sage mode at fuuton rasenshuriken
in secret.

Naruto says: It’s good for nothing if i harm myself as much as my opponent..there’s probably a way with this sage mode
i’d be able to solve that.

It goes back to the present and naruto is concentring more sage chakra.

Pain says: You are really not how i expected but i presume your out of chakra now..why do you stand there for?

Last picture finish with Naruto looking with avenging eyes and he says:This time i’m gonna take out all of you.

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